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Custom Dividers

This is a glass to glass partition. It is done in two broad categories; laminated glass and toughened glazed. Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass is a safety glass processed through thermal treatment to increase its strength as compared to normal glass. When broken, toughed glass shatters to small pieces. On the other hand, laminated glass partitions is produced by binding an interlayer between 2 or more sheets of glass using heat and pressure. In the event of breakage, laminated glass is held together by the interlayer, hence safe for use in interior spaces.

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Other Methods in Partitions

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Gypsum Partition

Gypsum drywall offers an effective way to partition open areas into usable spaces. The lightweight construction, speed of erection, low cost, fire...

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Aluminium Partition

In love with room elegance and beauty? This is your choice. Aluminum is a soft silvery and ductile metal and is among the most spread on the earth surface.

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Frameless Partition

When you need an illusion of privacy, some decorative personality and strategic layout, we creatively introduce dividers that function to subtly...