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About Indulgence

We believe that a productive day makes for a better day at work.

Interior spaces are dynamic, and so are we. We are dedicated to make your everyday space functional, beautiful and fun to work and live in.

Imagine walking into the office. You are thinking of all the things you need to achieve on that day. You quickly do a checklist, fill up your water bottle and get to work. You are fully engaged and you slowly mark out your checklist. You take occasional breaks to fuel up. Over lunch break, you consult with your colleague on a few challenges you experienced. They share their viewpoint. Now you are clear and can complete that pending item on your list. An hour to 5pm and your list is clear!! That was a productive day, you sigh.

As you head home, you are over the moon! There is so much satisfaction in the air. You are happy you did your work. The pressure is off your shoulder. You aren’t holding back on any colleague that depended on your delivery. Your clients’ needs are met. You are so fulfilled.

You definitely want to feel this way every day! The desire for this kind of fulfillment becomes your source of motivation. You are looking forward to the next workday. You are motivated to handle the difficult assignments you have procrastinated for a long time. Slowly the ripple effect is felt. You start getting acknowledged for the good work. You are experiencing better sales. You experience growth as a person and as a company. You have more and better referrals from the happy clients. The business is thriving.

This definitely motivates you more. The motivation turns into a driving force.

This is the point every company needs to get to. A place where personal motivation creates a driving force that leads to a collective result.

That is exactly where indulgence designs aims to take you when designing and executing your interior design projects. 


To create a better day at work by boosting productivity through the work environment design and fit-out.


To transform interior spaces into functional, outstandingly beautiful and fun places to work and live in.


● Integrity of work.
● Innovation in design.
● Health and Safety
● Excellence in engagements

Stages In Our Design Process

1. Initial Consultation

We take the client brief - We listen to the client's needs and ask questions to get an overall view of the project.

2. Site Assessment & Measuring

We visit the site, take all the necessary measurements and note all crucial facilities and amenities

3. Actual Design

We then develop concepts, plan the space, create impressions and allocate materials.

4. Follow up Consultation.

We take the client brief - We listen to the client's needs and ask questions to get an overall view of the project.

5. Project Implementation

We execute the project on site, as designed.

6. Project Handover

We always look forward to the look on our clients' faces. Sheer bliss.


1 Partitions and Dividers

Our room partitioning services are specially based on both the modern and traditional designs. Our main aim is that you achieve more out of your room(s), especially if it’s a company with little working space.

2 Wall Finishes

Wall Finishes entails the final outlook your interior will have. This always plays a big role, especially for businesses. Based on the physical outlook, a potential client will make a decision on their mind even before engaging or visiting your premises.

3 Flooring

A floor tells of your brand and personality. Choose your floor designs wisely. We offer our clients free advice on the design that will best suit you.

4 Ceilings

A great ceiling is a game-changer in any interior space. It provides acoustic properties, conceals trusses and cabling, and is a great platform for mounting the lights

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