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Our work is to transform your interior space into a functional and beautiful space to work and live in.

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Partitions and Dividers

Office partitioning is crucial in creating a productive working environment. For any office to be functional, space planning and separation is a priority. Partitions are used to separate and demarcate the spaces as per the plan. Our partitioning solutions take into account the functions of each room, the desired properties of each office and green energy utilization. We provide the best option for office partitioning needs of the office space. Some of the methods we deploy include the following.



A floor tells of your brand and personality. Choose your floor designs wisely. Depending on the use of the floor, we recommend  the appropriate solution. for example, tiled floors are hardy and can outstand high traffic. They are however generally cold. Carpeting on the hand posess good soundproofing qualities. They are also more comfortable, but requires a higher maintainance. Some of our choices are as below.



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A great ceiling is a game changer in any interior space. It provides acoustic properties, conceals trusses and cabling and is a great platform for mounting the lights. Other than the functional elements, ceilings provide a perfect canvas for installing design elements to add character and a lot of interest to a room. With the advancement in technology, we are able to provide a wider range of options. Lets explore some of our ceiling solutions

Wall Finishes

Wall Finishes entails the final outlook your interior will have. It offers an opportunity to express personal or brand personality. At this point, you can incorporate color, texture and branding elements to your space. This always plays a big role especially for businesses. Based on the physical outlook, a potential client will make a decision on their mind even before engaging or visiting your premises. A beautiful home is everyone’s pride and wish. Below are some of our ways of ensuring this comes true. Contact us for interior design services in Kenya

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Window Treatments

Window treatment, functionally, provides a screen from the natural light coming in through the window. It helps prevent glare and also adds to the privacy in the office spaces. Definitely your room requires the best window systems. Try some of our treatment mechanisms listed for a great outlook you will not regret of. Our key aim is perfecting what is already put in place, in case it exists, otherwise we can still do all we can to give you the best even if it means replacing the windows themselves, before perfecting them! Contact us for interior design services Kenya.

Other Services

We also offer the following additional services to ensure your room or building is fully set and ready for use.

Ventilation & Air Conditioning

We have experts who will ensure your lavish room receives controlled air supply that will ensure 100 percent safety whether you lock all doors and windows or not. We have numerous designs of doing this, and at the same time maintain room deco.

Networking & Data Connections

Other than interior design services, a functioning officd may definitely need internet connection. Through our various services providers, we will ensure we install for you fast, affordable and reliable connections based on your location.

Power  Connections

A beautiful and lavish looking compound without power connection is as well as useless. That is why we offer this as an additional service, to ensure you save on your budget as well. connection issues. Contact us for interior design services Kenya