We undertake ceiling works, including suspended gypsum ceilings, acoustic ceilings or custom suspended ceilings, to enhance the aesthetics of the space while accommodating necessary infrastructure, such as lighting fixtures, ventilation systems, and acoustic treatments.

Gypsum ceilings

Gypsum ceilings are creatively crafted from gypsum boards and suspended using metal structure. It is flexible can be creatively used to achieve sharp…


These are types of ceiling designed from mineral fibers, glass fibers, metal, wood or other special materials. In most cases they are hung below the main ceiling to give room acoustics and also look attractive.


By looking at your room design, we are able to learn and know the accent of the ceiling it deserves. We have vast creative ideas that will definitely suit you.


Definitely for any complete and elegant looking room, the lighting fixtures must be have been worked on professionally, by experts like us. Depending with the room structure and design, we will decide whether the illumination will be too much, little or moderate.

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